Updating Your Pharmacy to Retain More Customers

It is more challenging than ever before for pharmacies to attract and keep customers. The digital age offers new options for filling prescriptions. 

Your customer may expect more communication and convenience than they ever have before. If you have concerns about adapting your pharmacy to the needs of the modern customer, here’s what you need to know.

Offer Options in Picking up Medication

If your customers have to come into your pharmacy every time to pick up their medication, they may be tempted to look at other options that are more convenient for them. You want to provide the four big hitters in medication delivery:

  • Multiple pharmacies. The more pharmacies you have to serve your customers, the more likely customers will be to use one of your locations. Managing accounts across those pharmacies enables customers to have a smooth experience no matter which location they use.
  • Home delivery. The last thing that your customer wants to do when they’re not feeling well is go to the pharmacy. Home delivery options are a huge perk for your customers. Make it easy with a home delivery application that lets them sign digitally.
  • Hospital delivery. Delivering prescriptions to the bedside allows hospital patients to check out with the medications they need without having to go to the pharmacy afterward.
  • Drive-thru or curbside. Whether you have facilities for a drive-through or not, give customers the option to stay in their car while picking up their medication.

Always Have What Your Customer Wants

The smaller your pharmacies are, the more you can afford to operate. Tiny pharmacies can be fit into high-density areas where you are likely to attract a lot of customers by the convenience of your location. 

However, the smaller your pharmacy is, the more difficult it may be to stock all of the medication that customers frequently request. Having precise inventory management enables you to know exactly what is on the shelves and in storage areas so that you can store just as much as you need to without storing large amounts and taking up more space than necessary.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Today’s customer wants more than a place to buy the medications they need. Your customers want to feel connected to their pharmacy and that their pharmacy values their business. 

A loyalty program is an ideal way to create a meaningful connection with customers, encourage them to keep using your pharmacy, and gain valuable customer data, all at the same time. Forget about a punch card. Choose a system that allows register redemption, mailed or email coupons, or coupons printed on the receipt. Make customized promotions for your loyalty members and provide loyalty levels so that your most valued customers get the best perks.

Update Your Pharmacy With a Great Point-Of-Sale System

To update your pharmacy and get all of the benefits of modern technology in retaining your customers, choose a quality POS system for pharmacy businesses. A system like this can keep track of all of your finances and customer accounts, track inventory, and enable complex loyalty systems. The advantages of a system like this can take your pharmacy to the next level and let you retain more customers. 

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