The People’s Counsel Continues To Win For Their Clients

St. Louis, Missouri (April 6th, 2018)- Being accused of a crime is a terrifying thing, yet there are criminal defense attorneys in St. Louis that are experts at receiving not guilty verdicts and lesser sentences. Some examples of this would be these two recent cases, one involving a man who was acquitted of drug possession charges and another involving a man that had his life sentence reduced to only six years. With the help of the People’s Counsel, the lives of these men have been dramatically changed for the better. Having a lawyer that will fight for you no matter what can be a make or break point for a case.

The man that was acquitted of his drug possession charge was tased twice by the police, who forced themselves into a home thinking they would find multiple firearms and narcotics. They ended up only finding a backpack containing marijuana, and it came out during the trial that the man was only a guest in the home, therefore he received a not guilty verdict.

The other case contained a 1st-degree murder charge where he was accused of shooting the victim three times in the chest. After a lengthy and drawn out case investigation, the possibility of a successful trial went out the window. The man was sentenced to the minimum six years in prison, which was greatly reduced from the life sentence he was originally facing.

Having a lawyer that will stand up against the police or other officials who treated their clients unfairly can make the world of difference. The People’s Counsel cares about their clients and offers free consultations to understand the entire legal process. The team is on your side to help to deliver justice at all costs.

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