Mehlville Missouri History

Mehlville Missouri School District History and News

If you are looking for homes for sale in Mehville, the Mehlville School District has one preschool program for early childhood, ten elementary schools, four middle schools, and two high schools. Approximately 12,000 students are enrolled in this district. Here is a list of the schools operated in this area:

Early Childhood

  • John Cary Early Childhood Center
  • Parents As Teachers

Elementary Schools

• Beasley Elementary School

• Bierbaum Elementary School

• Blades Elementary School

• Forder Elementary School

• Hagemann Elementary School

• Oakville Elementary School

• Point Elementary School

• Rogers Elementary School

• Trautwein Elementary School

• Wohlwend Elementary School

Middle Schools

• Bernard Middle School

• Margaret Buerkle Middle School

• Oakville Middle School

• Washington Middle School

High Schools

• Mehlville High School

• Oakville High School

• Witzel Alt Academy


The Mehlville school district was started in 1930 when two students graduated from Mehlville High School. The first two superintendents, Emil C. Bernard and Kermit O. Bierbaum (1935-1976), directed the district to its growth into what it is now. Superintendents after them have maintained this educational status.

This school district used to be made up of smaller entities, but on October 7, 1951, citizens in the Oakville, Point, Mehlville, and Washington areas voted to consolidate their schools into one school district. This became the Mehlville R-9 District, later simply called the Mehlville School District.

In 1951, the district added bus transportation, as enrollment at the elementary and secondary levels was experiencing rapid growth. Because the student population was growing so quickly, Bernard and Bierbaum elementary schools were built.

The Mehlville School District voted to annex the Jefferson Barracks School District on May 11, 1964. The ground was broken for a new elementary school that same year, and the new school was given a name honoring Henry Trautwein. The district received 45 acres which used to belong to the Veterans Administration Hospital Reservation in 1956. This land is now home to Beasley Elementary School. In 1969, Wohlwend Elementary School opened.

In September 1970, Oakville High School began to offer its first secondary education courses. At that time, Oakville High School was a Ninth Grade Center at the Jefferson Barracks Building and had not yet moved into its present building.

The Mehlville School District now consists of one early childhood center, eleven elementary schools, four middle schools, two high schools, and other alternative learning programs. The District has accreditation from the State Board of Education and its educational programs have grown and improved over the years.


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