Removing Some of the Stress For Students

St. Louis, Missouri (March 14th, 2018)- Imagine being in high school and thinking about everything you are expected to do. From getting good grades, to cleaning your room, to working hard playing a sport, to possibly even having a job. The responsibilities are starting to pile up for possibly the first time in their lives, which could be very stressful. Now add the stress of college and standardized tests that come with that. It’s hard to blame them if they are not producing the scores they may be capable of. To remove some of the pressure they are facing, some ACT/SAT test prep may be helpful.

Mackler Associates offers tutoring sessions to students grade 5 through graduate school in all areas, including SAT and ACT test preparation sessions. These tutoring sessions are done in one-on-one settings to ensure they are tailoring to the student’s learning styles. Mackler’s test preparation and lessons are proven to raise ACT and SAT scores significantly for almost every student. Another area they excel at is helping students receive 4s and 5s on the AP Exams many take in their Junior Year of high school. The scores on these exams could be the difference on if a student gets into their desired college or not, as well as the scholarship amounts. Doing everything possible to help your child be prepared will only benefit them in the future.

Make sure to get scheduled for the ACT or SAT before the end of the academic year. If students sign up to take an ACT/SAT test prep course by March 31st, they can receive $100 off the price! Get signed up for the test prep course, as well as the test itself. Dates for the ACT include April 14, June 9, and July 14. SAT dates are May 5 and June 2.

Mackler Associates

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Three Types of Loans To Consider When Buying a Home

Three Types of Home Loans To Consider When Buying a Home

Buying a home is no small feat. Not only can the process be stressful and grueling but it’s also unbelievably expensive. However, there’s no denying that buying a home is a major part of the American Dream. One of the main goals in life of so many Americans is to, one day, own their own home. Though so many people work their entire lives to meet this goal, it might appear impossible. However, there are dozens of options when it comes to loans and financial assistance. Here are just three types of loans to consider when buying a home.

USDA Home Loans

USDA Rural Development Loans are housing loans offered by the United States Department of Agriculture, the same people who certify your steaks and hamburgers. So why is the USDA offering housing loans? The USDA offers housing loans to encourage home buyers to move from developed and industrialized areas to rural developing communities. One way to encourage someone to move somewhere is to offer them affordable housing. The major catch of the USDA Housing Loan is that the home you wish to purchase must be located outside of suburban and urban communities.

The USDA offers various tools to determine whether or not you’re eligible for a loan. In addition to this loan being restricted to certain areas of the United States, most lower to middle-income applicants will have better luck than upper-middle and upper-income applicants. Again, this loan is meant for younger families and individuals in a middle or lower income bracket looking for a home outside of the city. However, if you’re approved for this loan, you’re in great shape as it’s borrower-friendly.

Here’s an overview of the USDA Home Loan as compared to a Conventional Home Loan

  • USDA Loan: Limited to Select Areas, Primary Housing Only
    • Conventional: Not Limited, All Housing
  • No Down Payment
    • Down Payment Varies
  • Fees, $100 per $100K Borrowed
    • Fees Vary
  • Monthly Premium
    • Monthly Premium Varies
  • Insurance Required, Can Be Added to Mortgage
    • Insurance Varies, Usually 20% of Loan Amount
  • 640 FICO Score of Higher
    • As Low as 620 FICO Score

VA/Military Home Loans

VA Home Loans are another exclusive and restricted loan, however, it might be less restricted than you think. The following are eligible for VA and Military Housing Loans; active duty military, veterans, reservists, and spouses of those in the military or military veterans. If you fit into that list, it’s recommended that you apply for a VA Housing Loan. The VA Loan honors those who serve, have served, or have made sacrifices for a loved one who is serving or has served. It’s a borrower-friendly loan but still features some fees.

The VA/Military Housing Loan is not restricted to a geographical area or region, however, can only be used for a primary property.  Below is a comparison of the VA/Military Loan and a Conventional Housing Loan.

  • Primary Property Only
    • Any Property
  • No Down Payment
    • Down Payment Varies
  • Fees Due to VA Upon Applying
    • Fees Vary
  • No Insurance Required
    • Insurance Required, Typically 20% of Loan
  • FICO Score 620+
    • As Low as 620 FICO Score

Both options, if applicable to the home buyer, are great alternatives to conventional fixed rate  home loans that can be burdensome with high down payments, expensive insurance, and low borrowing amounts. If you’re considering housing in a rural community or are part of the US Military, these loans may be a great fit for you and your family.

Custom Coasters, Endless Possibilities and Sustainable

Business Profile, Custom Coasters

Coasters have long been a part of the American household.  Mocked in TV and movies, there’s always that one nagging person urging a house guest to “use a coaster!”  Stemming from the saucer, a more proper coaster, the coaster was designed as an affordable and simple way for the bourgeoisie Westerns to protect their coveted furniture.  Of course, as more and more Americans were able to afford furniture and the living room became a staple of the American household, more coasters were needed.  Coasters and saucers served a very practical purpose and that was to protect furniture from beverage rings and indentations.  As time went on, coasters made their way out of the house and into restaurants.  They went mainstream and became a new way to market products.  However, due to environmental concerns and cost cutting, the coaster somewhat faded away.  That’s changing and one company is making it easier for smaller venues to create their own environmentally friendly custom printed coasters.

Coast-A-Message and its sister company, Sleeve-A-Message, are a St. Louis-based start-up aiming to capitalize on the growing demand for a customized and personalized experience.  Coast-A-Message is an affordable and simple way in which anyone, including individuals, can design and order custom coasters with a variety of designs.  Sleeve-A-Message is similar to Coast-A-Message except that Sleeve-A-Message delivers custom designs on custom coffee sleeves.  Though custom designed coasters have always been around, Coast-A-Message is different.

When custom coasters come to mind, one probably thinks of a mega-brewery subliminally advertising their product at a chain restaurant or some yuppie couple buying overpriced wooden coasters at a novelty store.  That’s been the norm forever.  If you wanted cheap disposable coasters you had to buy in bulk and if you wanted a few coasters gifts or mementos you had to spend a boatload at some boutique.  Also, neither option let customers print multiple designs in one order.  Plus, coasters were very bad for the environment.  Coast-A-Message is here to change that.

Custom Coasters: Variable Printing and Sustainable

Variable printing allows customers to include multiple designs in one order.  Rather than force customers to order hundreds of the same coaster, Coast-A-Message allows customers to order a dozen of one design and a dozen of another in one single order.  This gives the customer ultimate flexibility.  Variable printing is also great for seasonal or monthly promotions.  Variable printing allows a business to save money while preparing for multiple promotions.

Additionally, Coast-A-Message features coasters printed with a water-based ink.  The water-based ink and post-consumer cardboard allow for the product to be produced and recycled without harm to the environment.  Coast-A-Message also participates in a program so that for every 7,000 coasters or sleeves printed, one tree will be planted in an urban neighborhood.

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